We sell a variety of Flashies here at ILR - Beginning, Vowel, Sound and Cued Flashies.

The Beginning and Cued are the first sets of Flashies used in the ILR progression. They are the perfect resource to support activities, games and literacy rotations and begin the reading and writing journey.

Following on from the Beginning and Cued Flashies, Sound Flashies are used for daily sound drills, rotations, games and activities. Students are also introduced to unique visual images which associate the sound with a picture clue.

Differentiated into 4 sets, the Vowel Flashies introduce the beginning 22 vowel sounds, and common and uncommon spelling combinations.

Other Resources

Rules Poster

This poster details The Rules and is placed on the wall for easy reference. This is the very first element and resource introduced to beginner readers.

Beginning & Advanced sound posters

A classroom display tool to support the learning of consonant, vowel and digraph sounds.

Sound Mat

Provided to teachers, parents and students, this go to resource is a hands on support which showcases the consonant, vowel and digraph sounds.