Learning Framework

Learning Framework

The I Love Reading Program is all about developing successful learners in the 21st century and beyond.

Through the application of the English Phonetic Code, early readers are given an effective tool to decode texts, allowing them to read at an accelerated rate.

ILR advocates that it's not just about learning to read, but moving more rapidly towards reading to learn. The program assists educators to design learning environments that stimulate a desire to read, write, and speak. Students are trained to manage their own learning, work harmoniously with others, and be creative problem solvers.

ILR has academic rigour in order to achieve maximum literacy results. However, this does not mean there is an absence of creativity, open-ended investigation or play-based learning. Whilst a significant portion of ILR is intentional and explicit, it easily blends with all components of a child-centred program.

The ILR Learning Framework, informed by best practice, is unpacked through our 2 day intensive training course.