History of EPC

History of EPC
Above - original transcripts of the making of the English Phonetic Code.

An electronics technician, musician with film editing background Joseph Mamone sought to better understand singing, human speech (sound structure) and language. This passion started from the age of 12.

Working with the family's 2 children, strengthened by the continued fascination in striving to understand the stages and progressions of language acquisition of babies and young children, an amazing discovery was made. By introducing Visual Primers to children for 2 or 3 minutes per day, from the age of 3 months over a period of 3 - 4 years, they were able to become fluent readers of printed text, including newspapers in 6pt font, at the age of 4.

In 1989 the counting and classifying of sound to letter elements began and was earnestly pursued for the next 7 years. From this, the English Phonetic Code and Rabeck Triangle (together with other tools) were developed which revolutionised the learning of reading and language. These 2 elements are the foundation on which ILR is built.

With the support of Joseph Mamone and his extensive knowledge and understanding of the English language, ILR has been able to build a framework around the Mamone family's 30+ year investment. This framework enables teachers, parents and educators who are serious about accelerating the rate of reading, to access this innovative technology.

The heart and motivation behind the Mamone Family's time and financial investment into the  research and development of the English Phonetic Code and Rabeck Triangle, is to eliminate illiteracy.

The team at ILR holds the Mamone family in the highest regard and acknowledges their life's work in striving to make language and learning to read English, available to every child. We appreciate the trust invested in us to be able to build a framework around this technology in order to provide an easily accessed and well-structured program to everyone who wishes to be part of this journey.