ILR has a growing bank of resources to support teachers, educators and parents on the ILR journey.

Some of our resources and the methodologies behind them are explained here.


In the first layer of ILR, students are introduced to visual 'prompt' images which are representative of the 'sounds' of the written language. This visual signing system helps students to quickly link the visual prompt image with the corresponding letter sound, and helps students both see and hear different sounds. This has the added benefit of allowing explicit teaching of the way a sound is articulated, with emphasis being placed on mouth position, voiced-off and voiced-on sounds and tongue and teeth position during the 'speaking' of a sound. ESL students and students with speech sound difficulties can also benefit from the visual reminders to use correct sounds.

Students are also introduced to unique visual images which associate the sound story with a picture clue.

Sound Flashie A png
Sound Flashie A Pic png


Historically, in early reading, all high frequency words needed to be remembered by sight. These words often do not fit conventional spelling patterns and are difficult for early readers to decode. ILR has phonetically coded these words which reduces guess work and allows all words to be 'read' and decoded.

The unique ILR progression of Flash Words incorporates high frequency words based on research (Fry & Dolch) but also includes words commonly encountered by early readers. Students progress through 3 layers of Flash Words, each layer contains 100 common words.

Maching Cards Beach Pic png
Maching Cards Beach


Supporting early readers and explicitly teaching reading and comprehension strategies as students build phonics knowledge, is vital in producing confident readers.

The ILR magnifying glasses are used to place a 'lens' of comprehension understanding during reading supporting students as they engage with the text. Students will think, share, question and predict as they read for both understanding and enjoyment.

Magnifying glasses small

These resources and dozens more are available to our ILR partners and will soon be available individually on-line to help support parents with their child's reading journey at home.

ILR values the environment. Products are made from the ecorange of carbon neutral polypropylene sheets. This recycled product is safe, non-toxic, 100% tree-free and 100% Australian made.