Learning Framework

ILR encompasses the modelling, facilitating and explicit teaching of core-curricular knowledge, skills, behaviours and mind-sets that will support student learning and assist students to acquire knowledge and become successful learners, as they journey towards living and working successfully in the 21st Century and beyond.

ILR involves academic rigour, in order to achieve the maximum literacy results. However, this does not mean there is an absence of creativity, open-ended investigation or play-based learning. Whilst a significant portion of ILR is intentional and explicit, it easily blends with all components of an early childhood-friendly program. The program can be developed according to the values and missions of each learning environment.

Becoming literate is not simply about knowledge and skills. Certain behaviours and dispositions assist students to become effective learners who are confident and motivated to use their literacy skills broadly. Many of these behaviours are identified and supported in other general capability such as students managing their own learning, being self-sufficient, working harmoniously with others, being open to ideas and more.

The ILR Learning Framework is explained and demonstrated in full in the initial 2-day intensive training course provided to all of our ILR partners.