ILR aims to allow every child to move from

'Learning to Read' to 'Reading to Learn'

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I Love Reading is a unique literacy program designed to facilitate the rapid learning of reading. This comprehensive program aims to remove the complexities from reading, empowering early learners to grasp literacy concepts from an earlier age.

ILR combines proven literacy methodologies with an innovative approach to learning. This fresh model for literacy learning assists early readers to learn every sound, of every word of the English language through a  multi-faceted yet simple phonetic coding system.

The aim is to equip children as they move from Learning to Read to Reading to Learn and foster a love for reading along the way.

ILR provides a point of difference to educational institutions and kindergartens. It provides learning opportunities that are firmly grounded in a quality pedagogical framework by encouraging exploration and discovering through right learning experiences.

Data obtained from trial schools which represent a wide cultural diversity and ability index, shows up to 2 years accelerated mastery of the decoding system for effective reading. Even the most challenged learners are achieving advancement of up to 6 months of where they may have otherwise been.